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A1. Yes My Darling (2:00)
A2. Help Me (2:04)
A3. Don't You Know I Love You (2:10)
A4. Don't Know What's Wrong, Set Me Free (2:12)
A5. Oh Baby (2:30)
A6. Don't Leave Me This Way (2:18)
A7. Hey Fat Man (2:33)
A8. How Long (2:00)
A9. Korea Blues (2:18)
B1. Mardi Gras In New Orleans (2:05)
B2. I Guess I'll Be On My Way (2:17)
B3. The Fat Man's Hop (2:23)
B4. I'll Be Gone (2:19)
B5. You Know I Miss You (2:12)
B6. Little Bee (2:26)
B7. Don't You Know (2:24)
B8. I Lived My Life (2:00)
B9. Trust In Me (2:45)
A1. The Fat Man (2:32)
A2. I'm Walkin' (2:01)
A3. So Long (2:05)
A4. When I Was Young (La La La) (2:05)
A5. Whole Lotta Lovin' (2:02)
A6. Ain't That A Shame (2:24)
A7. Margie (1:11)
A8. When My Dreamboat Comes Home (2:30)
B1. My Girl Josephine (1:59)
B2. Domino Stomp (1:58)
B3. Country Boy (2:13)
B4. Ain't Gonna Do It (2:04)
B5. Be My Guest (1:58)
B6. Blue Monday (2:14)
B7. Don't Come Knockin' (1:56)
B8. I'm In Love Again (1:56)
Fats' Hits!
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A1. Blueberry Hill (2:24)
A2. Jambalaya (2:50)
A3. Ain't That A Shame (2:10)
A4. My Blue Heaven (2:12)
A5. I'm Walking (2:17)
B1. I'm In Love Again (2:05)
B2. I'm Ready (1:57)
B3. Blue Monday (2:24)
B4. When The Saints Go Marching In (3:03)
Fats Domino Story Volume 3
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A1. Don't Lie To Me (2:17)
A2. Sometimes I Wonder (2:20)
A3. Nobody Loves Me (2:13)
A4. Rocking Chair (2:25)
A5. Dreaming (2:20)
A6. Careless Love (2:17)
A7. I've Got Eyes For You (2:44)
A8. Right From Wrong (2:14)
A9. No No Easy (2:18)
B1. My Baby's Gone (2:31)
B2. Boogie Woogie Baby (2:18)
B3. How Long (2:02)
B4. Rose Mary (2:03)
B5. Fats Domino Blues (3:21)
B6. What's The Matter Baby (2:16)
B7. Stay Away (2:16)
B8. Don't Leave Me This Way (2:25)
B9. Hey La Bas Boogie (2:23)
Fats Domino
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A1. My Blue Heaven (2:12)
A2. I'm Walking (2:17)
A3. Whole Lotta Loving (1:40)
A4. Walking To New Orleans (2:00)
A5. Yes It's Me And I'm In Love Again (2:05)
B1. I'm Ready (1:57)
B2. Blue Monday (2:24)
B3. When The Saints Go Marchin' In (3:03)
B4. I Want To Walk You Home (1:48)
A1. The Fat Man ()
A2. Be My Guest ()
A3. Blue Monday ()
A4. I'm Walkin' ()
A5. Country Boy ()
A6. It Keeps Raining ()
A7. I Want To Walk You Home ()
A8. My Girl Josephine ()
B1. I'm Ready ()
B2. Ain't It A Shame ()
B3. Margie ()
B4. Blueberry Hill ()
B5. My Blue Heaven ()
B6. Walking To New Orleans ()
B7. I've Been Around ()
B8. The Sheik Of Araby ()
. When My Dreamboat Comes Home ()
A1. When My Dreamboat Comes Home (2:22)
A2. I've Got A Right To Cry The Blues (2:24)
A3. On A Slow Boat To China (1:52)
A4. Trouble In Mind (2:47)
A5. Ballin' The Jack (1:52)
B1. Red Sails In The Sunset (2:35)
B2. Why Don't You Do Right (2:42)
B3. Heartbreak Hill (2:59)
B4. Kansas City (2:24)
. Blueberry Hill ()
C1. Blueberry Hill (2:24)
C2. Please Don't Leave Me (6:10)
C3. Let The Four Winds Blow (2:38)
C4. Whole Lot Of Loving (1:45)
D1. I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Someday (2:19)
D2. I'm In The Mood For Love (3:13)
D3. Jambalaya (On The Bayou) (2:50)
D4. Ain't That A Shame (2:10)
D5. So Long (3:20)