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Closing Time
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A1. Ol' '55 (3:55)
A2. I Hope That I Don't Fall In Love With You (3:52)
A3. Virginia Avenue (3:22)
A4. Old Shoes (& Picture Postcards) (3:41)
A5. Midnight Lullaby (3:10)
A6. Martha (4:26)
B1. Rosie (3:56)
B2. Lonely (3:11)
B3. Ice Cream Man (3:05)
B4. Little Trip To Heaven (On The Wings Of Your Love) (3:55)
B5. Grapefruit Moon (4:46)
B6. Closing Time (3:58)
Foreign Affairs
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A1. Cinny's Waltz (2:16)
A2. Muriel (3:33)
A3. I Never Talk To Strangers (3:37)
A4. Medley: Jack & Neal / California, Here I Come (5:00)
A5. A Sight For Sore Eyes (4:39)
B1. Potter's Field (8:38)
B2. Burma-Shave (6:32)
B3. Barber Shop (3:52)
B4. Foreign Affair (3:46)
. Opening Montage (5:15)
A2. Is There Any Way Out Of This Dream? (2:12)
A3. Picking Up After You (3:52)
A4. Old Boyfriends (5:52)
A5. Broken Bicycles (2:51)
B1. I Beg Your Pardon (4:35)
B2. Little Boy Blue (3:40)
. Instrumental Montage (2:59)
B4. You Can't Unring A Bell (2:20)
B5. This One's From The Heart (5:44)
B6. Take Me Home (1:35)
B7. Presents (1:01)
Rain Dogs
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A1. Singapore (2:46)
A2. Clap Hands (3:47)
A3. Cemetery Polka (1:51)
A4. Jockey Full Of Bourbon (2:45)
A5. Tango Till They're Sore (2:49)
A6. Big Black Mariah (2:44)
A7. Diamonds & Gold (2:31)
A8. Hang Down Your Head (2:32)
A9. Time (3:55)
B1. Rain Dogs (2:56)
B2. Midtown (Instrumental) (1:00)
B3. 9th & Hennepin (1:58)
B4. Gun Street Girl (4:37)
B5. Union Square (2:24)
B6. Blind Love (4:18)
B7. Walking Spanish (3:05)
B8. Downtown Train (3:53)
B9. Bride Of Rain Dog (Instrumental) (1:07)
B10. Anywhere I Lay My Head (2:48)
Mule Variations
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1. Big In Japan (4:05)
2. Lowside Of The Road (2:59)
3. Hold On (5:33)
4. Get Behind The Mule (6:52)
5. House Where Nobody Lives (4:14)
6. Cold Water (5:23)
7. Pony (4:32)
8. What's He Building? (3:20)
9. Black Market Baby (5:02)
10. Eyeball Kid (4:25)
11. Picture In A Frame (3:39)
12. Chocolate Jesus (3:55)
13. Georgia Lee (4:24)
14. Filipino Box Spring Hog (3:09)
15. Take It With Me (4:24)
16. Come On Up To The House (4:36)