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Zen Arcade
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A1. Something I Learned Today (1:58)
A2. Broken Home, Broken Heart (2:01)
A3. Never Talking To You Again (1:39)
A4. Chartered Trips (3:33)
A5. Dreams Recurring (1:40)
A6. Indecision Time (2:07)
A7. Hare Krsna (3:33)
B1. Beyond The Threshold (1:35)
B2. Pride (1:45)
B3. I'll Never Forget You (2:06)
B4. The Biggest Lie (1:58)
B5. What's Going On (4:23)
B6. Masochism World (2:43)
B7. Standing By The Sea (3:12)
C1. Somewhere (2:30)
C2. One Step At A Time (0:45)
C3. Pink Turns To Blue (2:39)
C4. Newest Industry (3:02)
C5. Monday Will Never Be The Same (1:10)
C6. Whatever (3:50)
C7. The Tooth Fairy And The Princess (2:43)
D1. Turn On The News (4:21)
D2. Recurring Dreams (13:47)
Warehouse: Songs And Stories
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A1. These Important Years (3:49)
A2. Charity, Chastity, Prudence And Hope (3:11)
A3. Standing In The Rain (3:41)
A4. Back From Somewhere (2:16)
A5. Ice Cold Ice (4:23)
B1. You're A Soldier (3:03)
B2. Could You Be The One? (2:32)
B3. Too Much Spice (2:57)
B4. Friend, You've Got To Fall (3:20)
B5. Visionary (2:30)
B6. She Floated Away (3:32)
C1. Bed Of Nails (4:44)
C2. Tell You Why Tomorrow (2:42)
C3. It's Not Peculiar (4:06)
C4. Actual Condition (1:50)
C5. No Reservations (3:40)
D1. Turn It Around (4:32)
D2. She's A Woman (And Now He Is A Man) (3:19)
D3. Up In The Air (3:03)
D4. You Can Live At Home (5:25)