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Cotes vinyle The Cramps: prix et argus disque vinyl | Galette Noire

The Cramps

10 albums trouvé(s)

Galette Noire est un argus vous proposant les cotes des vinyles de THE CRAMPS. Retrouvez les prix des différents albums vinyle de The Cramps en cliquant sur les titres des albums ci-dessous.

Les cotes des vinyles de The Cramps vous sont données à titre indicatif, et pour un état NM. Si un album n'est pas dans la liste, utilisez la page de recherche. En cliquant sur un des liens "Acheter neuf" ci-dessous, vous serez redirigé(e) vers Amazon et pourrez acheter le vinyle neuf si vous le souhaitez, le site Galette Noire touchera ainsi une petite commission qui l'aidera à payer les serveurs.

Songs The Lord Taught Us
15 pressages en base

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A1. Tv Set (3:12)
A2. Rock On The Moon (1:43)
A3. Garbage Man (3:28)
A4. I Was A Teenage Werewolf (3:05)
A5. Sunglasses After Dark (3:47)
A6. The Mad Daddy (3:16)
B1. Mystery Plane (3:40)
B2. Zombie Dance (1:53)
B3. What's Behind The Mask? (2:06)
B4. Strychnine (2:25)
B5. I'm Cramped (2:36)
B6. Tear It Up (2:31)
B7. Fever (4:16)
Psychedelic Jungle
12 pressages en base

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A1. Green Fuz (2:07)
A2. Goo Goo Muck (3:02)
A3. Rockin' Bones (2:48)
A4. Voodoo Idol (3:38)
A5. Primitive (3:30)
A6. Caveman (3:50)
A7. The Crusher (1:45)
B1. Don't Eat Stuff Off The Sidewalk (2:03)
B2. Can't Find My Mind (3:00)
B3. Jungle Hop (2:03)
B4. The Natives Are Restless (2:59)
B5. Under The Wires (2:43)
B6. Beautiful Gardens (3:57)
B7. Green Door (3:36)
Smell Of Female
9 pressages en base

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A1. Thee Most Exalted Potentate Of Love ()
A2. You Got Good Taste ()
A3. Call Of The Wighat ()
B1. Faster Pussycat ()
B2. I Ain't Nuthin' But A Gorehound ()
B3. Psychotic Reaction ()
A Date With Elvis
12 pressages en base

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A1. How Far Can Too Far Go? (4:10)
A2. The Hot Pearl Snatch (3:16)
A3. People Ain't No Good (3:45)
A4. What's Inside A Girl? (3:21)
A5. Can Your Pussy Do The Dog? (3:20)
B1. Kizmiaz (2:59)
B2. Cornfed Dames (5:26)
B3. Chicken (1:39)
B4. (Hot Pool Of) Womanneed (3:09)
B5. Aloha From Hell (2:32)
B6. It's Just That Song (2:32)
A1. The Hot Pearl Snatch (3:21)
A2. People Ain't No Good (3:18)
A3. What's Inside A Girl? (3:06)
A4. Cornfed Dames (4:49)
A5. Sunglasses After Dark (4:10)
B1. Heartbreak Hotel (3:35)
B2. Chicken (1:37)
B3. Do The Clam (2:43)
B4. Aloha From Hell (2:41)
B5. Can Your Pussy Do The Dog? (3:38)
B6. Birdfeed (4:09)
Stay Sick!
15 pressages en base

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A1. Bop Pills (2:26)
A2. God Damn Rock 'N' Roll (2:38)
A3. Bikini Girls With Machine Guns (3:18)
A4. All Women Are Bad (3:08)
A5. The Creature From The Black Leather Lagoon (3:10)
A6. Shortnin' Bread (2:45)
B1. Daisys Up Your Butterfly (2:28)
B2. Everything Goes (3:46)
B3. Journey To The Center Of A Girl (4:49)
B4. Mama Oo Pow Pow (2:28)
B5. Saddle Up A Buzz Buzz (2:40)
B6. Muleskinner Blues (2:45)
Look Mom No Head!
6 pressages en base

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A1. Dames, Booze, Chains And Boots (4:35)
A2. Two Headed Sex Change (2:52)
A3. Blow Up Your Mind (4:29)
A4. Hardworkin' Man (4:03)
A5. Miniskirt Blues (2:40)
A6. Alligator Stomp (4:05)
B1. I Wanna Get In Your Pants (4:19)
B2. Bend Over, I'll Drive (4:06)
B3. Don't Get Funny With Me (3:23)
B4. Eyeball In My Martini (3:19)
B5. Hipsville 29 B.C. (2:31)
B6. The Strangeness In Me (3:16)
6 pressages en base

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A1. Mean Machine ()
A2. Ultra Twist ()
A3. Lets Get F*cked Up ()
A4. Nest Of The Cuckoo Bird ()
A5. I'm Customized ()
A6. Sado County Auto Show ()
A7. Naked Girl Falling Down The Stairs ()
B1. How Come You Do Me? ()
B2. Inside Out And Upside Down (With You) ()
B3. Trapped Love ()
B4. Swing The Big Eyed Rabbit ()
B5. Strange Love ()
B6. Blues Blues Blues ()
B7. Sinners ()
B8. Route 66 (Get Your Kicks On) ()
Big Beat From Badsville
6 pressages en base

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A1. Cramp Stomp (3:25)
A2. God Monster (4:06)
A3. It Thing Hard-On (2:48)
A4. Like A Bad Girl Should (3:05)
A5. Sheena's In A Goth Gang (2:44)
A6. Queen Of Pain (3:50)
A7. Monkey With Your Tail (3:37)
B1. Devil Behind That Bush (3:33)
B2. Super Goo (2:27)
B3. Hypno Sex Ray (2:26)
B4. Burn She-Devil, Burn (2:23)
B5. Wet Nightmare (3:36)
B6. Badass Bug (2:25)
B7. Haulass Hyena (2:48)
Fiends Of Dope Island
2 pressages en base

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1. Big Black Witchcraft Rock (3:28)
2. Papa Satan Sang Louie (2:48)
3. Hang Up (2:44)
4. Fissure Of Rolando (3:53)
5. Dr. Fucker M.D. (Musical Deviant) (3:17)
6. Dopefiend Boogie (4:21)
7. Taboo (3:48)
8. Elvis Fucking Christ! (3:18)
9. She's Got Balls (2:59)
10. Oowee Baby (3:08)
11. Mojo Man From Mars (2:59)
12. Color Me Black (4:02)
13. Wrong Way Ticket (4:25)