Queens Of The Stone Age

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1. Feel Good Hit Of The Summer (2:43)
2. The Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret (3:36)
3. Leg Of Lamb (2:48)
4. Auto Pilot (4:01)
5. Better Living Through Chemistry (5:49)
6. Monsters In The Parasol (3:27)
7. Quick And The Pointless (1:42)
8. In The Fade (3:51)
9. Tension Head (2:52)
10. Lightning Song (2:07)
11. I Think I Lost My Headache (8:40)
Lullabies To Paralyze
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1. This Lullaby (1:23)
2. Medication (1:54)
3. Everybody Knows That You Are Insane (4:14)
4. Tangled Up In Plaid (4:13)
5. Burn The Witch (3:35)
6. In My Head (4:01)
7. Little Sister (2:54)
8. I Never Came (4:48)
9. Someone's In The Wolf (7:16)
10. The Blood Is Love (6:38)
11. Skin On Skin (3:43)
12. Broken Box (3:00)
13. "You Got A Killer Scene There Man..." (4:58)
14. Long Slow Goodbye (6:54)