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A1. Light Of A Clear Blue Morning (4:53)
A2. Applejack (3:20)
A3. My Girl (My Love) (3:44)
A4. Holdin' On To You (2:46)
A5. You Are (5:14)
B1. How Does It Feel (3:13)
B2. Where Beauty Lives In Memory (3:50)
B3. (Your Love Has Lifted Me) Higher And Higher (2:52)
B4. Getting In My Way (2:40)
B5. There (5:32)
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A1. I Really Got The Feeling (3:06)
A2. It's Too Late To Love Me Now (3:00)
A3. We're Through Forever ('Til Tomorrow) (3:50)
A4. Sure Thing (3:32)
A5. With You Gone (3:05)
B1. Baby I'm Burnin' (2:36)
B2. Nickels And Dimes (3:23)
B3. The Man (3:16)
B4. Heartbreaker (3:32)
B5. I Wanna Fall In Love (2:25)
9 To 5 And Odd Jobs
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A1. 9 To 5 (2:43)
A2. Hush-A-Bye Hard Times (3:46)
A3. The House Of The Rising Sun (3:57)
A4. Deportee (4:41)
A5. Sing For The Common Man (3:45)
B1. Working Girl (3:45)
B2. Detroit City (3:33)
B3. But You Know I Love (3:16)
B4. Dark As A Dungeon (3:23)
B5. Poor Folks Town (2:55)
Dolly, Dolly, Dolly
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A1. Starting Over Again (3:55)
A2. Same Old Fool (3:20)
A3. Old Flames Can't Hold A Candle To You (3:28)
A4. You're The Only One I Ever Needed (2:57)
A5. Say Goodnight (4:04)
B1. Fool For Your Love (3:05)
B2. Even A Fool Would Let Go (3:18)
B3. Sweet Agony (3:40)
B4. I Knew You When (3:09)
B5. Packin' It Up (3:30)
Burlap & Satin
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A1. Ooo-Eee (3:35)
A2. Send Me The Pillow You Dream On (3:07)
A3. Jealous Heart (3:20)
A4. A Gamble Either Way (3:27)
A5. Appalachian Memories (4:11)
B1. I Really Don't Want To Know (3:00)
B2. Potential New Boyfriend (3:35)
B3. A Cowboy's Ways (4:12)
B4. One Of Those Days (3:55)
B5. Calm On The Water (3:22)