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Songs For Swingin' Lovers
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A1. You Make Me Feel So Young ()
A2. It Happened In Monterey ()
A3. You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me ()
A4. You Brought A New Kind Of Love To Me ()
A5. Too Marvelous For Words ()
A6. Old Devil Moon ()
A7. Pennies From Heaven ()
A8. Love Is Here To Stay ()
B1. I've Got You Under My Skin ()
B2. I Thought About You ()
B3. We'll Be Together Again ()
B4. Makin' Whoopie ()
B5. Swingin' Down The Lane ()
B6. Anything Goes ()
B7. How About You? ()
All The Way
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A. All The Way (2:50)
B. Chicago (2:10)
September Of My Years
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A1. The September Of My Years (3:12)
A2. How Old Am I? (3:30)
A3. Don't Wait Too Long (3:04)
A4. It Gets Lonely Early (2:57)
A5. This Is All I Ask (3:03)
A6. Last Night When We Were Young (3:33)
A7. The Man In The Looking Glass (3:25)
B1. It Was A Very Good Year (4:25)
B2. When The Wind Was Green (3:22)
B3. Hello, Young Lovers (3:41)
B4. I See It Now (2:50)
B5. Once Upon A Time (3:30)
B6. September Song (3:30)