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A1. Tired Of Your Jive (2:08)
A2. Don't Answer The Door (5:05)
A3. The B. B. Jones (2:45)
A4. All Over Again (2:35)
A5. Paying The Cost To Be The Boss (2:33)
B1. Think It Over (2:48)
B2. I Done Got Wise (2:20)
B3. Meet My Happiness (2:17)
B4. Sweet Sixteen (Parts 1 & 2) (4:20)
B5. You Put It On Me (2:50)
B6. I Don't Want You Cutting Off Your Hair (2:35)
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A1. Lucille (10:10)
A2. You Move Me So (2:10)
A3. Country Girl (4:20)
A4. No Money No Luck (3:45)
B1. I Need Your Love (2:15)
B2. Rainin' All The Time (2:52)
B3. I'm With You (2:39)
B4. Stop Putting The Hurt On Me (2:55)
B5. Watch Yourself (6:00)
B.B.King Volume 1
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A1. My Own Fault Baby ()
A2. You Upset Me Baby ()
A3. Bad Luck ()
A4. 3 0'Clock Blues ()
A5. Woke Up This Morning ()
A6. Ten Long Years ()
B1. You're Breaking My Heart ()
B2. Did You Ever Love A Woman ()
B3. Going Down Slow ()
B4. Sneaking Around ()
B5. Sweet 16 ()
B6. Partying Time ()
The Best Of B.B. King
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A1. Hummingbird (4:33)
A2. Cook County Jail Introduction (0:37)
A3. How Blue Can You Get (5:08)
A4. Caldonia (3:18)
A5. Sweet Sixteen (7:04)
B1. Ain't Nobody Home (3:37)
B2. Why I Sing The Blues (8:40)
B3. The Thrill Is Gone (5:28)
B4. Nobody Loves Me But My Mother (3:05)
A1. Intro - B.B. King Blues Theme (3:04)
A2. Caldonia (2:47)
. Blues Medley (14:09)
B1. Hold On (5:35)
B2. I Got Some Outside Help (I Don't Really Need) (5:24)
B3. Darlin' You Know I Love You (7:05)
C1. When I'm Wrong (9:23)
C2. The Thrill Is Gone (11:17)
D1. Never Make A Move Too Soon (7:17)
D2. Three O'Clock In The Morning (8:55)
D3. Rock Me Baby (3:59)
D4. Guess Who (2:32)
D5. I Just Can't Leave Your Love Alone (3:16)
A1. Life Ain't Nothing But A Party (6:13)
A2. Born Again Human (8:32)
A3. There Must Be A Better World Somewhere (5:30)
B1. The Victim (6:15)
B2. More, More, More (4:33)
B3. You're Going With Me (4:32)
1. I'm Moving On (4:15)
2. Back In L.A. (5:00)
3. The Blues Come Over Me (5:13)
4. Fool Me Once (4:18)
5. The Lowdown (4:10)
6. Mean And Evil (4:20)
7. Something Up My Sleeve (4:27)
8. Roll, Roll, Roll (5:56)
9. There Is Always One More Time (8:24)
Riding With The King
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1. Riding With The King (4:23)
2. Ten Long Years (4:39)
3. Key To The Highway (3:40)
4. Marry You (5:00)
5. Three O'Clock Blues (8:36)
6. Help The Poor (5:06)
7. I Wanna Be (4:46)
8. Worried Life Blues (4:26)
9. Days Of Old (3:00)
10. When My Heart Beats Like A Hammer (7:08)
11. Hold On I'm Coming (6:21)
12. Come Rain Or Come Shine (4:11)