Stars On 45

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Stars On 45
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. Stars On 45 ()
A.1. Stars On 45 ()
A.2. Boogie Nights ()
A.3. Funky Town ()
A.4. Video Killed The Radio Star ()
A.5. Intro "Venus" ()
A.6. Sugar Sugar ()
A.7. No Reply ()
A.8. I'll Be Back ()
A.9. Drive My Car ()
A.10. A Hard Day's Night ()
A.11. Do You Want To Know A Secret ()
A.12. We Can Work It Out ()
A.13. I Should Have Known Better ()
A.14. Nowhere Man ()
A.15. You're Going To Lose That Girl ()
A.16. Sherry ()
A.17. Cathy's Clown ()
A.18. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do ()
A.19. Only The Lonely ()
A.20. Lady Bump ()
A.21. Jimmy Mack ()
A.22. Rainy Day ()
A.23. Itsibitsie Teenie Weenie ()
A.24. Stars On 45 ()
. - ()
B. Stars On 45 ()
Long Play Album
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A.1. Stars On 45 (15:42)
A.2. No Reply ()
A.3. I'll Be Back ()
A.4. Drive My Car ()
A.5. Do You Want To Know A Secret ()
A.6. We Can Work It Out ()
A.7. I Should Have Known Better ()
A.8. Nowhere Man ()
A.9. You're Going To Lose That Girl ()
A.10. Ticket To Ride ()
A.11. The Word ()
A.12. Eleanor Rigby ()
A.13. Every Little Thing ()
A.14. And Your Bird Can Sing ()
A.15. Get Back ()
A.16. Eight Days A Week ()
A.17. It Won't Be Long ()
A.18. Daytripper ()
A.19. Wait ()
A.20. Good Day Sunshine ()
A.21. My Sweet Lord ()
A.22. Here Comes The Sun ()
A.23. While My Guitar Gently Weeps ()
A.24. Taxman ()
A.25. A Hard Day's Night ()
A.26. Things We Said Today ()
A.27. If I Fell ()
A.28. You Can't Do That ()
A.29. Please Please Me ()
A.30. From Me To You ()
A.31. I Wanna Hold Your Hand ()
A.32. Stars On 45 ()
B1.1. Stars On 45 (7:59)
B1.2. Boogie Nights ()
B1.3. Funky Town ()
B1.4. Video Killed The Radio Star ()
B1.5. Venus ()
B1.6. Sugar Sugar ()
B1.7. Cathy's Clown ()
B1.8. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do ()
B1.9. Only The Lonely ()
B1.10. Lady Bump ()
B1.11. Jimmy Mack ()
B1-12. Rainy Day ()
B1.13. Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini ()
B1.14. Stars On 45 ()
B2.1. Do You Remember (4:30)
B2.2. Lucille ()
B2.3. Bird Dog ()
B2.4. Runaway ()
B2.5. Bread And Butter ()
B2.6. That's Allright ()
B2.7. Rip It Up ()
B2.8. Jenny Jenny ()
B3.1. Golden Years Of Rock And Roll (4:26)
B3.2. Nutrocker ()
B3.3. Cherry ()
B3.4. Wooly Bully ()
B3.5. Buona Sera ()
B3.6. Slippin' And Slidin' ()
B3.7. At The Hop ()
. The Superstars (The Greatest Rock 'N Roll Band In The World) (15:58)
. Stars On Stevie (7:42)
B2. Stars On Jingle (0:07)
B3. It's Not A Wonder, It's A Miracle (7:01)
B4. Stars On Jingle (0:07)
Tonight 20.00 Hrs
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A.1. Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy (0:30)
A.2. South American Way (0:23)
A.3. Bei Mir Bist Du Schön (0:45)
A.4. In The Mood (0:50)
A.5. Rum And Coca Cola (0:30)
A.6. Tico Tico (0:20)
A.7. Say Si Si (Para Vigo Me Voy) (0:40)
A.8. Pennsylvania Six-Five Thousand (0:44)
A.9. Joseph Joseph (0:44)
A.10. Ti-Pi-Tin (0:24)
A.11. A String Of Pearls (0:33)
A.12. Hold Tight (Sea Food) (0:33)
A.13. Beer Barrel Polka (Skoda Lasky) (0:43)
A.14. Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree (1:01)
A.15. Moonlight Serenade (1:05)
A.16. Oh! Ma-Ma! (Luna Mezzo Mare) (1:06)
A.17. Tuxedo Junction (0:46)
A.18. Pistol Packin' Mama (0:36)
A.19. Pennsylvania Polka (0:44)
A.20. Yes, My Darling Daughter (0:24)
A.21. Happy Days Are Here Again (0:55)
A.22. American Patrol (0:46)
A.23. Chattanooga Choochoo (1:13)
A.24. In The Mood (0:46)
B1. Double Dutch Jive (5:35)
B2. Stars Serenade (5:20)
B3. Plaza-7900 (5:14)
A. Proudly Present The Star Sisters ()
B. Stars Serenade (3:50)