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A1. Thunderball - Main Title (2:59)
A2. Chateau Flight (2:26)
A3. The Spa (2:40)
A4. Switching The Body (2:45)
A5. The Bomb (5:42)
A6. Cafe Martinique (3:42)
B1. Thunderball (4:16)
B2. Death Of Fiona (2:39)
B3. Bond Below Disco Volante (4:12)
B4. Search For Vulcan (2:32)
B5. 007 (2:30)
B6. Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2:48)
A1. Main Title--Born Free (2:37)
A2. The Hunt (3:11)
A3. Elsa At Play (4:35)
A4. The Death Of Pati (3:32)
A5. Waiting For Joy (1:55)
A6. Killing At Kiunga (2:30)
B1. Born Free (2:44)
B2. Holiday With Elsa (2:45)
B3. Flirtation (4:05)
B4. Warthog Hunt (2:20)
B5. Fight Of The Lioness (2:37)
B6. Reunion/Born Free (5:45)
Theme From The Persuaders!
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A1. Theme From 'The Persuaders!' ()
A2. Midnight Cowboy ()
A3. Goldfinger ()
A4. The Danny Scipio Theme ()
A5. 007 ()
A6. The Girl With The Sun In Her Hair ()
B1. On Her Majesty's Secret Service ()
B2. Vendetta ()
B3. Thunderball ()
B4. The Chase ()
B5. From Russia With Love ()
B6. The James Bond Theme ()
A1. The Opening (2:13)
A2. Maybe My Luck Has Changed (1:48)
A3. Arrival On The Island (2:33)
A4. Sacrifice - Hail To The King (7:04)
A5. Arthusa (2:18)
A6. Full Moon Domain - Beauty Is A Beast (4:21)
A7. Breakout To Captivity (4:07)
B1. Incomprehensible Captivity (2:52)
B2. Kong Hits The Big Apple (2:32)
B3. Blackout In New York / How About Buying Me A Drink (3:20)
B4. Climb To Skull Island (2:17)
B5. The End Is At Hand (1:41)
B6. The End (4:22)
A. Return To The Sea - 2033 A.D. (A Ballet Based On The Score From The Motion Picture "The Deep") (24:15)
B1. Theme From The Deep (Down, Deep Inside) (4:22)
B2. Theme From The Deep (Instrumental) (4:32)
B3. Disco Calypso (7:27)
B4. Theme From The Deep (Down, Deep Inside) (A Love Song) (3:55)
A1. All Time High (3:00)
A2. Bond Look-Alike (3:00)
A3. 009 Gets The Knife And Gobinda Attacks (3:06)
A4. That's My Little Octopussy (3:14)
A5. Arrival At The Island Of Octopussy (3:24)
A6. Bond At The Monsoon Palace (3:03)
B1. Bond Meets Octopussy (3:37)
B2. Yo-Yo Fight And Death Of Vijay (3:45)
B3. The Chase BombTheme (1:55)
B4. The Palace Fight (4:35)
B5. All Time High (3:00)
A1. The Mooche (3:29)
A2. Cotton Club Stomp #2 (2:40)
A3. Drop Me Off In Harlem (3:03)
A4. Creole Love Call (3:01)
A5. Ring Dem Bells (2:46)
A6. East St. Louis Toodle-o (3:20)
A7. Truckin' (2:00)
B1. Ill Wind (2:17)
B2. Cotton Club Stomp #1 (2:49)
B3. Mood Indigo (3:34)
B4. Minnie The Moocher (3:07)
B5. Copper Colored Gal (1:15)
B6. Dixie Kidnaps Vera (2:37)
B7. The Depression Hits / Best Beats Sandman (2:42)
B8. Daybreak Express Medley (3:43)
A1. Main Title (I Had A Farm In Africa) (3:07)
A2. I'm Better At Hello (Karen's Theme I) (1:15)
A3. Have You Got A Story For Me? (1:12)
A4. Concerto For Clarinet And Orchestra In A (K.622) (2:46)
A5. Safari (2:40)
A6. Karen's Journey / Siyawe (4:46)
B1. Flying Over Africa (3:22)
B2. I Had A Compass From Denys (Karen's Theme II) (2:27)
B3. Alone On The Farm (1:55)
B4. Let The Rest Of The World Go By (3:12)
B5. If I Know A Song Of Africa (Karen's Theme III) (2:11)
B6. End Title (You Are Karen) (4:03)
A1. Main Title Song: A View To A Kill (3:32)
A2. Snow Job (2:25)
A3. May Day Jumps (2:49)
A4. Bond Meets Stacey (A View To A Kill) (2:29)
A5. Pegasus' Staple (3:20)
A6. Tibbett Gets Washed Out (1:40)
A7. Airship To Silicon Valley (2:29)
B1. He's Dangerous (2:13)
B2. Bond Underwater (2:32)
B3. Wine With Stacey (A View To A Kill) (1:52)
B4. Bond Escapes Roller (1:21)
B5. Destroy Silicon Valley (2:21)
B6. May Day Bombs Out (2:59)
B7. Golden Gate Fight (3:28)
B8. End Title Song: A View To A Kill (2:01)