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We Shall Overcome
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A1. If You Miss Me At The Back Of The Bus (2:09)
A2. Keep Your Eyes On The Prize (2:00)
A3. I Ain't Scared Of Your Jail (1:33)
A4. Oh Freedom! (3:12)
A5. That's What I Learned In School (1:40)
A6. Little Boxes (1:52)
A7. Who Killed Norma Jean? (2:21)
A8. Who Killed Davey Moore? (2:20)
B1. A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall (5:35)
B2. Mail Myself To You (1:11)
B3. Guantanamera (4:37)
B4. Tshotsholosa (1:27)
B5. We Shall Overcome (5:58)
God Bless The Grass
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A1. The Power And The Glory (2:28)
A2. Pretty Saro (3:03)
A3. 70 Miles (2:22)
A4. The Faucets Are Dripping (2:00)
A5. Cement Octopus (2:21)
A6. God Bless The Grass (2:00)
A7. The Quiet Joys Of Brotherhood (4:00)
A8. Coal Creek March (1:15)
B1. The Girl I Left Behind (1:16)
B2. I Have A Rabbit (1:56)
B3. The People Are Scratching (3:38)
B4. Coyote, My Little Brother (2:50)
B5. Preserven El Parque Elysian (3:14)
B6. My Dirty Streem (2:30)
B7. Johnny Riley (0:52)
B8. Barbara Allen (1:10)
B9. From Way Up There (3:00)
B10. My Land Is A Good Land (2:19)
America's Balladeer
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A1. Michael, Row The Boat (2:42)
A2. Big Rock Candy Mountain (2:55)
A3. I've Been Working On The Railroad (1:24)
A4. Down In The Valley (3:39)
A5. Blue Tail Fly (2:30)
B1. Black Is The Color (2:25)
B2. Boll Weevil (3:34)
B3. Joshua Fit The Battle (1:38)
B4. The Fox (1:45)
B5. Casey Jones (2:15)