Secret Chiefs 3

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A01. Faith's Broken Mirror ()
A02. Sophia's Theme ()
A03. What's Wrong With Cytherea? ()
A04. Mourning In Ekstasis ()
A05. He Hates Us ()
A06. Psychism 1: Cytherea's Possession ()
A07. Love Spell ()
A08. Agenda 21 ()
A09. Subcutaneous Solution ()
A10. Abyss Of Psychic Enchantments ()
A11. Subdermal Sequence (Nano-Correction) ()
A12. RFID Slaverider ()
A13. Dionysian Dithyramb (Eros-Seed Of The Egregore) ()
A14. Zombievision ()
A15. Perfectly Reasonable ()
B16. Psychism 2: Fear Is The Great Teacher ()
B17. Abolish Believers By Abolishing Belief ()
B18. Funeral For What Might Have Been (Sophia's Theme) ()
B19. Codex Alimentarius ()
B20. Putting Forth The Hand To Take ()
B21. Psychism 3: Sow The Wind, Reap The Whirlwind ()
B22. Hypnotopia (Obey Your Passion) ()
B23. Nano-Correction / Human Migrations / Faith Realizes ()
B24. Chapel By The Sea (A Heart That Is Broken And Humbled...) ()
B25. The Strength To Sever ()
B26. Baby Hedone (Harvest Of The Egregore) ()
B27. Zombievision 2012 ()
B28. The Great Die Off (He Mocks Us All) ()
B29. Cytherea's Awakening / Martyrdom At Romiou Point / Return To The Foam ()
B30. To Love God Is Sweeter Than Life (Sophia's Theme) ()