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Doc Watson On Stage
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A1. Brown's Ferry Blues (2:30)
A2. The Wreck Of The 1262 (2:50)
A3. Spikedriver Blues (2:20)
A4. Deep River Blues (2:50)
A5. Life Gits Teejus Don't It (3:25)
A6. Lost John (2:50)
B1. Hold The Woodpile Down (2:47)
B2. Billy In The Low Ground (1:20)
B3. I Am A Pilgrim (2:07)
B4. The Clouds Are Gwine To Roll Away (2:10)
B5. Movin' On (2:15)
B6. Windy And Warm (2:00)
B7. Doc's Guitar (1:10)
C1. Open Up Them Pearly Gates For Me (3:00)
C2. The Preacher And The Bicycle (1:20)
C3. Jimmy's Texas Blues (3:20)
C4. Banks Of The Ohio (3:20)
C5. Roll On Buddy (2:05)
C6. Southbound (2:35)
D1. Wabash Cannon Ball (2:55)
D2. When The Work's All Done This Fall (2:55)
D3. Little Sadie (2:20)
D4. The Quaker's Cow (1:35)
D5. Salt River / Bill Cheatham (2:00)
D6. Don't Let Your Deal Go Down (2:45)
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A1. Rambling Hobo (1:50)
A2. Shady Grove (2:38)
A3. Wake Up, Little Maggie (2:52)
A4. Peartree (2:15)
A5. Keep On The Sunny Side (2:06)
A6. Double File And Salt Creek (1:38)
B1. Curly Headed Baby (2:53)
B2. Miss The Mississippi And You (3:34)
B3. Wabash Cannonball (2:57)
B4. My Rose Of Old Kentucky (2:35)
B5. Blues Stay Away From Me (2:45)
C1. Walking Boss (2:20)
C2. Make Me A Pallet (2:58)
C3. In The Jailhouse Now (3:25)
C4. Steel Guitar Rag (1:55)
C5. Hang Your Head In Shame (2:39)
C6. You Don't Know My Mind Blues (3:07)
D1. Moody River (2:33)
D2. Don't Tell Me Your Troubles (2:45)
D3. Columbus Stockade (3:12)
D4. Mama Don't Allow No Music (4:10)
D5. Thoughts Of Never (2:35)
Doc And The Boys
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A1. Darlin' Cory (2:35)
A2. Cypress Grove Blues (3:56)
A3. I Can't Help But Wonder (Where I'm Bound) (2:50)
A4. The Girl I Love (2:35)
A5. Natural Born Gamblin' Man (2:19)
A6. Little Maggie (3:16)
B1. Love Please Come Home (2:53)
B2. Spikedriver Blues (2:35)
B3. Southbound Passenger Train (2:07)
B4. Southern Lady (3:27)
B5. Tennessee Stud (4:20)