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More Hits - By Cliff
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A1. It'll Be Me ()
A2. The Next Time ()
A3. Bachelor Boy ()
A4. Summer Holiday ()
A5. Dancing Shoes ()
A6. Lucky Lips ()
A7. It's All In The Game ()
B1. Don't Talk To Him ()
B2. I'm The Lonely One ()
B3. Constantly ()
B4. On The Beach ()
B5. A Matter Of Moments ()
B6. The Twelfth Of Never ()
B7. I Could Easily Fall (In Love With You) ()
Tracks 'N Grooves
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A1. Early In The Morning (2:13)
A2. As I Walk Into The Morning Of Your Life (2:17)
A3. Love, Truth And Emily Stone (2:41)
A4. My Head Goes Around (2:30)
A5. Put My Mind At Ease (2:36)
A6. Abraham, Martin And John (3:01)
A7. The Girl Can't Help It (2:55)
A8. Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) (3:05)
B1. I'll Make It All Up To You (2:03)
B2. I'd Just Be Fool Enough (2:41)
B3. Don't Let Tonight Ever End (3:42)
B4. What A Silly Thing To Do (2:52)
B5. Your Heart's Not In Your Love (2:42)
B6. Don't Ask Me To Be Friends (4:01)
B7. Are You Only Fooling Me (3:19)
Every Face Tells A Story
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A1. My Kinda Life (3:43)
A2. Must Be Love (4:13)
A3. When Two Words Drift Apart (4:12)
A4. You Got Me Wondering (3:35)
A5. Every Face Tells A Story (3:17)
A6. Try A Smile (3:58)
B1. Don't Turn The Light Out (3:16)
B2. Hey Mr. Dream Maker (4:47)
B3. Give Me Love Your Way (3:42)
B4. Up In The World (2:37)
B5. It'll Be Me Baby (3:06)
B6. Spiderman (3:34)