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Chuck Berry's Greatest Hits
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A1. Roll Over Beethoven ()
A2. School Days ()
A3. Rock And Roll Music ()
A4. Too Much Monkey Business ()
A5. Johnny B. Goode ()
A6. Oh, Baby Doll ()
B1. Nadine ()
B2. Maybelline ()
B3. Memphis ()
B4. Sweet Little Sixteen ()
B5. Thirty Days ()
B6. Brown Eyed Handsome Man ()
You Never Can Tell
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A1. You Never Can Tell ()
A2. Diploma For Two ()
A3. The Little Girl From Central ()
A4. The Way It Was Before ()
A5. Round And Round ()
A6. Big Ben ()
B1. The Promised Land ()
B2. Back In The U.S.A. ()
B3. Run Around ()
B4. Brenda Lee ()
B5. Reelin' And Rockin' ()
B6. Come On ()
A. You Never Can Tell (2:42)
B. Brenda Lee (2:13)
Fresh Berry's
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A1. It Wasn't Me (2:26)
A2. Run Joe (2:15)
A3. Every Day We Rock & Roll (2:10)
A4. One For My Baby (And One More For The Road) (2:40)
A5. Welcome Back, Pretty Baby (2:30)
A6. It's My Own Business (2:07)
B1. Right Off Rampart Street (2:19)
B2. Vaya Con Dios (2:35)
B3. Merrily We Rock & Roll (2:09)
B4. My Mustang Ford (2:12)
B5. Ain't That Just Like A Woman (2:13)
B6. Wee Hour Blues (2:50)
A1. Carol (2:46)
A2. You Never Can Tell (2:40)
A3. No Money Down (2:52)
A4. Together We Will Always Be (2:31)
A5. Mad Lad (2:05)
A6. Run Rudolph Run (2:08)
B1. Let It Rock (1:53)
B2. Sweet Little Rock And Roller (2:17)
B3. It Don't Take But A Few Minutes (2:26)
B4. I'm Talking About You (1:48)
B5. Driftin' Blues (2:16)
B6. Go Go Go (2:32)
C1. Jaguar And The Thunderbird (1:51)
C2. Little Queenie (2:38)
C3. Betty Jean (2:26)
C4. Guitar Boogie (2:19)
C5. Down The Road Apiece (2:13)
C6. Merry Christmas Baby (3:09)
D1. The Promised Land (2:20)
D2. Jo Jo Gunne (2:44)
D3. Don't You Lie To Me (2:02)
D4. Rockin' At The Philharmonic (3:19)
D5. La Juanda (Espanola) (3:06)
D6. Come On (1:50)
A1. Let's Boogie (3:13)
A2. Mean Old World (5:58)
A3. I Will Not Let You Go (2:49)
A4. London Berry Blues (5:56)
A5. I Love You (3:26)
B1. Reelin' And Rockin' (7:10)
B2. My Ding-A-Ling (11:52)
B3. Johnny B. Goode (& Closing) (4:38)