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A1. Only You ()
A2. My Prayer " Wunder Der Nacht " ()
A3. My Sérénade ()
A4. Sixteen Tons ()
A5. I'll Never Smile Again ()
A6. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes ()
B1. The Great Pretender ()
B2. Twilight Time ()
B3. Remember When ()
B4. Song For The Lonely ()
B5. " You've Got" The Majic Touch ()
B6. You'll Never Never Know I Care ()
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A1. My Prayer (3:23)
A2. With This Ring (2:41)
A3. One In A Million (2:16)
A4. Pledging My Love (2:45)
A5. Sweet, Sweet Lovin' (1:58)
A6. The Wonder Of You (3:22)
A7. The More I See You (2:14)
A8. Heaven On Earth (2:37)
B1. I Love You 1000 Times (2:44)
B2. Unchained Melody (4:54)
B3. Washed Ashore (On A Lonely Island) (2:50)
B4. The Magic Touch (2:39)
B5. How Beautiful Our Love Is (2:37)
B6. My Way (5:16)
B7. Red Sails In The Sunset (2:23)
C1. Only You (2:43)
C2. Harbor Lights (3:04)
C3. Devri (2:00)
C4. I Love You Because (3:41)
C5. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (2:29)
C6. Wish It Were Me (2:33)
C7. Hard To Get This Thing Called Love (2:28)
C8. So Many Tears (2:51)
D1. The Great Pretender (3:19)
D2. The Love Letter (2:32)
D3. Twilight Time (2:43)
D4. If I Had You (2:49)
D5. I'm Sorry (2:56)
D6. I'll Be Home (2:53)
D7. I Love You Yes I Do (2:31)