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Newport 1958
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A1. Just Scratchin' The Surface ()
A2. El Gato ()
A3. Happy Reunion ()
A4. Multicolored Blue ()
A5. Princess Blue ()
B1. Jazz Festival Jazz ()
B2. Mr. Gentle And Mr. Cool ()
B3. Juniflip ()
B4. Prima Bara Dubla ()
B5. Hi Fi Fo Fum ()
A1. East St. Louis Toodle-Oo (3:05)
A2. Hop Head (3:04)
A3. Black And Tan Fantasy (3:12)
A4. Jubilee Stomp (3:01)
A5. The Mooch (3:10)
A6. Hot And Brothered (3:15)
A7. Blues With A Feeling (3:03)
A8. Rockin' In Rhythm (3:07)
B1. Lazy Duke (3:09)
B2. Old Man Blues (2:58)
B3. Mood Indigo (3:14)
B4. It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing) (2:54)
B5. Lazy Rhapsody (2:56)
B6. Blue Harlem (2:58)
B7. Blue Tune (3:04)
B8. The Sheik Of Araby (2:40)
C1. Lightin' (3:04)
C2. Ducky Wucky (2:55)
C3. Blue Ramble (3:22)
C4. Drop Me Off In Harlem (2:44)
C5. Bundle Of Blues (3:12)
C6. Saddest Tale (3:14)
C7. Slippery Horn (3:13)
C8. Harlem Speaks (3:13)
D1. Solitude (3:06)
D2. Merry-Go-Round (3:05)
D3. Clarinet Lament (3:10)
D4. Echoes Of Harlem (3:10)
D5. In A Jam (3:15)
D6. Rose Of The Rio Grande (2:52)
D7. Harmony In Harlem (3:01)
D8. Caravan (2:58)
E1. I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart (3:04)
E2. Ridin' On A Bluenote (2:44)
E3. Boy Meets Horn (2:58)
E4. Slap Happy (2:43)
E5. The Gal From Joe's (3:10)
E6. Prelude To A Kiss (2:52)
E7. Diminuendo In Blue (2:44)
E8. Crescendo In Blue (3:15)
F1. Jazz Potpourri (2:55)
F2. Subtle Lament (3:02)
F3. Portrait Of The Lion (2:25)
F4. Sophisticated Lady (2:48)
F5. Grievin' (2:48)
F6. Battle Of Swing (2:55)
F7. Stormy Weather (2:35)
F8. The Sergeant Was Shy (2:42)
A1. Down In Our Alley Blues ()
A2. Take It Easy ()
A3. Move Over ()
A4. Goin' To Town ()
A5. Misty Morning ()
A6. Syncopated Shuffle ()
A7. Beggar's Blues ()
A8. Flaming Youth ()
B1. Rent Party Blues ()
B2. Sweet Chariot ()
B3. Baby When You Ain't There ()
B4. Jazz Cocktail ()
B5. Rose Room ()
B6. Swing Low ()
B7. Creole Love Call ()
C1. Jive Stomp ()
C2. In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree ()
C3. I'm Satisfied ()
C4. Sumpin' 'Bout Rhythm ()
C5. In A Sentimental Mood ()
C6. Truckin' ()
C7. Showboat Shuffle ()
C8. (There Is) No Greater Love ()
D1. Reminiscin' In Tempo (Part I) ()
D2. Reminiscin' In Tempo (Part II) ()
D3. Reminiscin' In Tempo (Part III) ()
D4. Reminiscin' In Tempo (Part IV) ()
D5. Kissin My Baby Goodnight ()
D6. Uptown Downbeat ()
D7. Exposition Swing ()
D8. Azure ()
E1. All God's Chillun Got Rhythm ()
E2. Dusk On The Desert ()
E3. Stepping Into Swing Society ()
E4. Pyramid ()
E5. A Gypsy Without A Song ()
E6. Dinah's In A Jam ()
E7. Buffet Flat ()
E8. Old King Dooji ()
F1. Pussy Willow ()
F2. Something To Live For ()
F3. Way Low ()
F4. I'm Checking Out Goodbye ()
F5. Serenade To Sweden ()
F6. Little Posey ()
F7. Weely ()
F8. Tootin' Through The Roof ()
A1. The Star Spangled Banner (1:13)
A2. Black And Tan Fantasy (6:36)
A3. Rockin' In Rhythm (4:14)
A4. Moon Mist (3:39)
A5. Jumpin' Punkins (3:29)
B1. Portrait Of Bert Williams (3:01)
B2. (Portrait Of) Bojangles (3:20)
B3. Portrait Of Florence Mills (Black Beauty) (3:39)
B4. Ko-Ko (2:24)
B5. Dirge (3:29)
B6. Stomp (Johnny Come Lately) (3:02)
B7. Are You Stickin'? (3:10)
C1. Black (21:58)
D1. Brown (12:02)
D2. Beige (14:32)
E1. Bakiff (6:45)
E2. Jack The Bear (3:20)
E3. Blue Bells Of Harlem (6:11)
E4. Cotton Tail (3:12)
E5. Day Dream (3:52)
F1. Boy Meets Horn (6:16)
F2. Rose Of The Rio Grande (2:35)
F3. Don't Get Around Much Anymore (4:40)
F4. Goin' Up (3:59)
F5. Mood Indigo (4:34)
Up In Duke's Workshop
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A1. Blem (6:55)
A2. Goof (3:03)
A3. Dick (2:57)
A4. Love Is Just Around The Corner (4:23)
A5. Bateau (5:18)
B1. Wanderlust (6:26)
B2. Neo-Creole (3:52)
B3. Black Butterfly (3:40)
B4. Mendoza (5:43)